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Less Than A Truckload

Less than a Truckload Solutions

Less than a Truckload (LTL) is any shipment that is moved with less than a full load. These shipments will be paired with other LTL loads along the route as it moves towards its final destination. If you are moving non-time sensitive shipments that weigh between 150-20,000lbs, LTL is the option for you. 

Benefits of Less than a Truckload

The benefits of a Less Than A Truckload service are a lower emissions footprint and a lower cost than a Full Truckload. The downside is the length of time it takes to move the shipment. These shipments take longer to plan and will often be loaded onto several trucks, and routed through several warehouses, before they reach their final destination.  

Transport Commodities


Canned Foods

Building Materials

Peat Moss