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Intermodal Solutions

Intermodal solutions are any form of transportation that takes 2 or more modes of transport to reach their destination. This could be by road, rail, water, or air. The most common form is through the use of shipping containers, by road, rail, or sea. Shipping containers are often the most cost-effective method and can be stored off-site at one of our facilities until the time of shipment. Additionally, there is air, which is often completed by moving the product through regular transport to an airport warehouse. From there it is loaded into special air approved containers for flight. Air transport is the most time efficient way to move products. Reach out to us here at Hedwig Solutions, to find out more about our intermodal solutions.  

Benefits of Intermodal

Intermodal solutions can be some of the quickest, greenest and safest modes of transportation. If you want something transported as quickly as possible, air transport is the most efficient way to get it done. If you are looking to transport something in the greenest way possible, a mix of rail, water, and road may be your most earth friendly option. Transporting a fragile product? Shipping containers that you load, package and fill completely yourself is the best option, as your product is not touched at all.  

Transport Commodities


Canned Foods

Building Materials

Peat Moss