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Dry Van

Dry Van Solutions

Dry Vans are used to ship products that need protection from the elements. They typically utilize a standardized dock and load from the rear, but alternatives can include a tailgate, side door, and curbsides pickup. Dry vans come in all lengths depending on your shipment needs and loading area restrictions. Additional features can include plated walls (for max capacity) and wood floors. We also offer expedited, team and solo driver, driver assistance, final mile, and warehouse transfer services.  Dry van shipments are versatile and a great way to protect your product from the elements.

Benefits of a Full Truckload (FTL)

With a full truckload you will get the benefit of having a truck dedicated to your load. With your chosen speed of a solo driver or team service, your product will continually be moving towards its destination. Unlike a less than truckload (LTL) service, there will be no offline routing for pickup or delivery of additional freight. A solo driver will move freight at an average of 600 miles a day, whereas team drivers will do so at 1000 miles a day with some teams going above and beyond for expedited services.  

Transport Commodities


Canned Foods

Building Materials

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